The non-exhaustive list of opportunities to involve the life of the cooperative


Each member can invest 3 hours per month in the operation of the cooperative, the Solidarity Hours. To give you an overview of the possibilities of involvement, here is a non-exhaustive list of opportunities with some examples if necessary:

  • Food handling and delivery
    • Receiving food
    • Preparing member orders
    • Participate in deliveries
    • Manage inventory
    • Enter member orders
    • Update product and price list
  • Association life
    • Participate in think tanks (Product List, Valuation of Solidarity Hours, etc.)
    • Enter member data
    • Organize and animate activities
    • Making phone calls to members
    • Greeting and mentoring members
  • Recruitment of members
    • Making phone calls for recruitment
    • Make phone calls
    • Promote membership (doing information sessions, hosting a kiosk, etc…)
    • Going door-to-door and surveying
  • Communications
    • Takes care of the creation of internal and external information: flyers, call letters, a website, a newsletter broadcast at a regular pace, etc.
    • also maintains a database of people who would like to become members of Tunisia co-op.
    • Write texts (social networks, news, newspaper, newsletter, etc…)
    • Delivering mail
  • Administration
    • Enter accounting data
    • Maintaining premises and equipment
    • Ranking and archiving
  • Supply:
    • Select the co-op's products
    • Determine members' eating habits
    • conducting product research,
    •  Study environmental and other issues related to each article
    • locate, assess and contact producers, distributors and wholesalers,
    • negotiate cost prices with them.
    • also take care of order management for the purchasing group.
  • Finance:
    • manage our co-op's accounts,
    • Identify financial support resources for the co-op,
    • raise money by organizing fundraising events, writing to foundations, etc.
    • establish a general accounting system
    • estimate the operating and start-up costs of the store
    • write the business plan
    • create a funding plan